Monday, November 03, 2008

Bad Game Player

Well, my son brought me back to an Internet game I'd forgotten about called "Boomshine."

It's like the "Deal or No Deal" of Flash animation games. By that I mean it's an incredibly simple concept ... and quite addicting. You click once to start it, and once again to play it. Danny Miller, the game's inventor, must be an evil genius.

Personally, I just like to load the game up and listen to the soothing "Boomshine Song" by Tim Halbert.



After you enter your login ID and password, you immediately get the "Game Over" screen.

One of these days you will clear a line in Tetris. You can feel it coming.

You have every cheat code available and still can't get past the first level.

Before each shot you have to ponder the moral implications of lethal zombie eradication.

Your character seems to die about every 20 seconds. While playing "Sesame Street ABCs."

Your day job keeps cutting into your Halo 2 practice time.

You never knew Solitaire could explode.

[Chris White's Top Five on the Internet, with edits by Mark Raymond]


WORD for YOUR WEEK: One of my favorite words is "nebulous." It's originally from the Latin "nebule," which means a cloud, or a mist. The word became popular with astronomers in the 1730s to describe "cloud-like gas patches in the night sky," or what they called a nebula. Today it's used to refer to something that is vague, ill-defined, or has no specific content or limits. As in, "her general notions of what men ought to be were, indeed, nebulous reasons for her behavior."


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