Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Little Whine with My Cheese

So many things have let me down lately ... a DVD highly recommended by a friend - a good friend, who will remain one - was only a mild feel-good buzz for me.

A movie sequel that came highly recommended by many critics as better than the first ... meh. It had its moments, but honestly, a bit of a disappointment.

My regular auto repair place ... normally a bastion of reliability and quality work ... has had our van for more than a week, leaving the missus and I scrambling to arrange rides and rearrange schedules to accommodate the loss of a vehicle from our generally busy schedules. We are once again promised to have it back by tomorrow night.

I downloaded the latest version of Microsoft's "Photo Story" software, a fine program that lets you turn a gaggle of photographs into a true viewing delight with music, pans, zooms, close-ups, picture editing ... and after loading over 200 photos into it and working for five hours on a presentation covering my daughter's swim team season, the blamed thing saves it as a presentation for a cell phone-sized screen! Now I've got to spend several *more* hours reworking it into something her Coach can use at the Awards Banquet Monday evening.

And now the Girl Scouts have gone and messed with their "Thin Mint"® cookie. It crumbles upon the bite; no more snap to it. And what happened to the mint?


Life's Little Nuisances. Thank goodness my identity is secure in Christ, and not in the circumstances in which I find myself. Otherwise I'd be thinking someone had it in for me.


On a lighter note, you distaff readers will enjoy this true story.

We play a kind of continual gender war games in my work unit. Both sides give and take, win and lose. There's hardly ever any offense given or received, and we all seem to enjoy the friendly competition.

Well, last week we had an accounting snafu and three guys chewed it over for about 20 minutes trying to figure out the best solution. They had just about decided on a complicated resolution when Debbie chimes in with a simple, elegant solution.

I turned to her and said, in honest compliment, "Debbie, you're brilliant!"

She replied, "No, just a woman."


Have a good Sunday night. I've got to get back to work on that photo presentation.

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