Monday, March 04, 2013

Monday Miscellany

A couple of bits and pieces, odds and ends today.

With a tip o'the Musings cap to Kim Komando, you can find a list of free wifi locations in your state by clicking those bold colored words. Of course, we all know most of our favorite restaurants, coffee shops and bookstores offer it, but if you're in a strange city or you want to find a new place to hang your @, check it out.

The list is hardly complete and doesn't have many small towns on it, but there's a form you can fill out on the site to update them.


In a recent post here on the blog, I asked what you do for Lent. Well, Christianity Today has reported out the annual analysis of people who use Twitter to compile a Top 100 List of what everyone else gave up for Lent.

Most went for the joke and said they were going to give up "being Pope." But there are some creative ideas listed, as well.


Finally, a word on computer security today: namely, passwords. If yours is on this list, change it immediately! (The article is the third or fourth one down on the page as I write this.) The Internet Crime Complaint Center, or IC3, is a collaborative effort between the FBI and the White Collar Crime Division (yes, USA Network fans, there really *is* a White Collar crime division).


Enjoy all of today's links, and I hope you enjoy the click-throughs!


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