Monday, March 18, 2013

Miscellaneous Monday

Well, ABC's Dancing with the Stars is back and my wife is ecstatic. Did I tell you she once studied ballroom dancing? 'Tis true. In fact, our local Arthur Murray's studio asked her to become an instructor, but she demurred.

It's something I've promised her we'll take up in retirement, and I intend to keep my word. When she retires and her schedule frees up, watch for us!


A company that helps develop smartphone applications - called "apps" in the vernacular - has published an infographic on mobile phone use. Internet access is indeed getting more and more portable and ubiquitous. Soon it will be everywhere.

The company - New Relic (love that name!) - says there are now more Android phone activations every day than there are babies being born. And by 2020, half of all your financial transactions will be done over your phone.


So, hey, my daughter has a blog. It's a work in progress and she's new to all this stuff, but I feel proud of her in a "chip-off-the-block" kind of way. You won't find anything really deep there yet, but she's got an easy way of writing that makes it a fun read.


And oh, yes, before I forget ... tomorrow is my wife's birthday. That's her, below. Yup, I'm one lucky guy.


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Adam Jones said...

Don't tell that lady that she's out of your league!

Mark said...

Mum's the word, Adam ... mum's the word!