Friday, March 22, 2013


Any fan of the movie, "The Princess Bride" should instantly recognize the title of today's post.

But yes, let's talk about marriage for a moment. There's a new legislative bill being considered in Scotland that would allow a third type of organization to conduct marriages, in addition to religious and civil ceremonies. The third type is being defined only as organizations that must pass certain tests to be defined as a "belief group."

The link takes you to a story where the Free Church of Scotland comes out against it, suggesting that groups as far afield as the Order of Jedi Knights would be allowed to conduct marriages, if the "Marriage and Civil Partnership Bill" passes.

Your thoughts?


While we're on the subject, here's a relatively thoughtful article from Our Sunday Visitor's blog, a Catholic weekly newspaper, on why same-sex marriage is not necessarily a good thing. Though it's published in a religious forum, the article goes out of its way to set religion aside and makes its point in a kind, civil way. Something quite refreshing, if you ask me.


When it comes to the whole question of homosexuality and same-sex marriage, I must confess that my thoughts are a very jumbled bag. It's a thorny issue with which I wrestle using the Bible in one hand and my experience and understanding of the way God and nature works in the other. One day perhaps I shall have the courage to make the attempt to put these musings down here on the blog, but I hesitate because a) I have not found any answers that satisfy me, and b) I'm pretty sure my beliefs would offend just about everyone, no matter which side of the question you stand.


I do have some legitimate thoughts on two people committing their lives to one another, however. And I wrote them back in 2006. You can find those here.


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