Monday, July 19, 2010

Vanity Plates

First there were trees. Then came highways. Then came billboards.

And then the billboards got creative. First they added extensions onto them to "advertise outside the box." Then they began using thin triangular rods that rotated so you could get three ads on one billboard. Now they've gone digital, reaching new heights of advertising graphics, plus you can have a large number of advertisers sharing each billboard.

Well, folks, get ready for the same thing to happen to license plates. They're going digital. And if your vehicle stops for more than four seconds, your plate changes from the registration number to an ad.

California's Senate apparently thinks it's a pretty good way to try and buy down some of their $19 billion deficit.



On a radiologist's vehicle:
ICNCYDU (I see inside you)

On a conservative, no-nonsense judge's Jaguar:

On the car of an undertaker:

On a classic Ford Mustang:

On a single man's car:

On the vehicle of a Hispanic who loves Bugs Bunny:
KPASAMD (Que pasa, MD -- What's up, Doc?)

On a brown Jeep Rover:

[Wit and Wisdom]


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SusanB said...

Some very amusing vanity plates! My boss used to have one that said "AUING"... let's see if you can figure it out. =)

Mark said...

Well, let's see, Susan ... "AU" is the scientific symbol for gold.

Is it "Golding"? Would that be her last name?

And that's about my best guess, I'm afraid....