Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Signs You Need A New Doctor

Well, thanks in large part to your feedback, advice, and encouragement (plus the timely coincidence of our double-coverage insurance expiring in three days), my wife has decided to go ahead and have surgery performed in an attempt to alleviate some of her abdominal pain. If you read this before 7:30 a.m. EST, please have a kind thought or good prayer for her and the surgical team. I thank you.

Meanwhile, I'll shoot a medical link your way today. Check out Mama's Health, but be warned: depending on what topic you select, the explanations and/or illustrations can be quite frank, indeed.



All of his medical books have the Time-Life "Do It Yourself" logo on the bindings.

The patient right before you was a goat.

You can beat him in Milton Bradley's game of "Operation."

Instead of using an anesthetic, he has you watch a PBS Pledge Drive.

He has you turn your head and cough ... during an eye exam.

His assistant is named Igor.

The local bar association named him "Client of the Year."

[selected from Pastor Tim's CleanLaugh]


WORD for YOUR WEEK: Wouldn't it be nice to be impervious to disease? This Latin word is a combination of three thoughts. "Per" in this context meant through, and "via" was way. So pervious meant "a way through." When you add the negative modifier "im" to the front of it, you get a word that literally means "no way through," as in something that's impenetrable or not capable of being harmed or damaged.


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podraigh said...

The doctor has a drive-in window with a "Suture Self" sign.