Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Photo Touchup

For Earth Day, how about some pictures of places and things on Planet Earth?

The people who publish National Geographic have created what they call an "Infinite Photograph."

It's a whole series - seemingly never-ending - of photo mosaics. Those are pictures made up of other pictures. Click on an area of the first photograph to reveal a series of photo "tiles." Click again to see the whole "wall" of photos that make up those tiles. Clicking a third time brings those photos into high-definition clarity so you can choose which one you want to look at. Double-clicking on a photo at that point will bring up its details.

Single-clicking on the photo will bring it up larger ... and create the *next* photo mosaic. I clicked and clicked and clicked the other day and couldn't reach the end. Let me know how you fare.


People don't like to look bad in their own photographs, which is why my husband - a professional photographer - gets a lot of requests asking him to retouch photos.

People want him to erase the crows-feet around their eyes, or lop off the love handles about their waist. That sort of thing.

I wasn't surprised when one customer, while looking at a proof of a family portrait my husband had recently shot asked him, "Can you take 30 pounds off of me?"

But then she added, "...and put it on my sister?"

[Reader's Digest All In A Day's Work via Ed Peacher's Laughter]


WONDER for YOUR WEEK: Does the film in a camera weigh more after a picture is taken?


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