Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fast Time

Ever wonder what the future might look like?

Though I'm not a reader of it, apparently "Wired" Magazine has published for years a fun little feature called "Found," which appears to be a whimsical Photoshop picture of things in the future. Though the anticipated arrival dates of these items are probably quite a bit off, they're still fun to look at, imagine, and even say quietly to yourself, "Yes, I can actually see that happening...."

My favorite is the "Smart Diaper."



As you move more slowly, Time gets fed up with waiting and hurries on without you.

I'm still working on the theory, but it involves neutrinos and back hair.

As our personal agility and speed decrease, the relative speed of everything else increases. I call this The Codger Principle.

You always move faster going downhill, right?

It's not so much that Time is speeding up, you're just missing so much more of life now that you're in the bathroom so much.

[Chris White's Top Five on Science with family-friendly edits and rewrites by Mark Raymond]


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