Friday, April 03, 2009

IRS Calls

Have you done your taxes yet? I confess I haven't, but only because I've been so freakishly busy so far this year with family events and their associated work taking priority in my life. I'll get it done by Tax Freedom Day.

Tax Freedom Day? What is that?

The Tax Foundation keeps track of our national taxes. You know that a certain percentage of your paycheck goes to the government, yes? Well, if you took what you paid each week in taxes and added it all up, then assumed that instead of keeping your paycheck, you just gave that money to the government starting in January ... you would discover that this year you are working for free until April 13.

But the good news is that's eight days less than last year.



Caller: I want to know if I should file as married or single?
IRS: Are you married?
Caller: Well, sort of.
IRS: What?
Caller: Well, we did get married, but we're not counting on things working out.

Caller: I got a letter from you guys and I want to know what you want.
IRS: What did the letter say?
Caller: Just a minute, I'll open it.

Caller: I'm a bookkeeper and I need to know if ten $100 bills make a thousand dollars, or only ten hundred dollars?
IRS: Both. It's the same amount of money.
Caller: Then why do I get a different answer every time I move the decimal point?

Caller: What does the law say about people who are renting to relatives and taking a loss on the property?
IRS: You are required to charge them a fair market value.
Caller: Oh, it's very fair. If we rented to someone else, we could get a lot more.

Caller: Could you please send me some of those WD-40s?

[from IRS agent Donna Wilson via the Good, Clean Funnies List]


For us fantasy baseball enthusiasts, this is one of the best weekends of the year ... it's Draft Day time! I still think Baseball's Opening Day should be a national holiday.

This weekend also holds Palm Sunday. So get thyself to a good church.

I'll see you on Monday.



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