Saturday, February 18, 2006


If you could take a snapshot of my life right now, this is kind of what it would look like. (The title of this post is supposed to be a flashbulb going off.)

What I'm reading: "Velvet Elvis" by Rob Bell and the Rolling Stone interview with Bono from last November.

What I'm hearing: "Yellow Submarine" by The Beatles ... but mostly I'm listening to the music for a wedding our band is playing on March 4 ... which, as it turns out, is mostly Beatles stuff. (Yeah, it's an unusual wedding.)

What I'm watching: NCIS ... Lost ... both Stargate shows ... Hustle on AMC every Saturday night. And that's it, period. About five hours of TV each week.

What I'm celebrating: The renewal of my season ticket club for the Detroit Tigers. Once again, we have great seats for the 2006 season.

What I'm trying to get done: I mentioned the wedding, yeah? There's also another little concert for a United Methodist Men's District Prayer Rally at the end of the month and a little thing the Internal Revenue Service calls my annual income tax return.

The smartest thing I've done lately: Subscribe to King Features Syndicate and U-Click Comics comic strips so they come to my e-mail inbox instead of me visiting their website every day. Can't tell you how much time that's saved and how much I enjoy starting each day with laughter.

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