Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Refurbished and Reactivated

...at least temporarily.

This blog came to an ignominious end about a year ago. It started with my Mom entering Hospice, followed about 10 weeks later by her death in June. About a month after that, my schedule took me to three different states and about six weeks of traveling. Most of this is detailed in a previous post.

But then, last fall, my father-in-law passed away.

By then blogging had pretty much slipped away from me and it is a hard habit to get back. I regret that I didn't give more of you a heads-up on what was happening and I thank ALL of you for your patience and indulgence as my life situation kept me tied up and away from the blog.

I'm still not really back. At least not full time. But I did update and refresh and kind of overhaul the blog to get it going again for really just one reason ... you see, in just a few days my Dad and I will be taking another trip. This time for two weeks, and by vehicle, from Michigan all the way out to Nova Scotia and back.

Here's a pic from a couple years back of Dad and I.

I wanted a place to blog about the trip, to post a "picture of the day" kind of thing, and make a space to remember it all and share it with you, my friends, and my family. Dad may be kicking in a few of his thoughts, too.

If you're on Facebook, you'll be able to see more photos of the trip if you "Like" my fan page there. Here's the link.

At the end of our trip, my Dad will be 80 years young. Who knows? This may be the last, greatest chance we'll ever have at spending some really quality time together. I hope not. I pray not. He's a spry old guy and he's forgotten more about life than I may ever know.

I'm sure looking forward to the rest of July, 2012.

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