Monday, May 02, 2011

Yo Momma - A Joke Tradition

What do salmon, dark leafy greens, and beans have in common?

Would you believe they're all good for your hair?


{I know Mother's Day is coming up this weekend, so I'd better get these "Yo Momma" jokes out of the way today. Absolutely *nothing* "racist" here. "Yo Momma" jokes are an old, old tradition in comedy. And in keeping with the above, they are all about food. -- MR}

Yo Momma is so dumb, she wonders why her bell peppers don't ring.

Yeah, well, yo Momma is so dumb, she thinks the Mayo Clinic is a sandwich shop!

Yo Momma is so dumb she thinks chicken nuggets came out of a mine.

Yo Momma is so dumb she went to a Jimmy Buffet concert and thought it was all-you-can-eat!

Well, yo Momma is so fat every time she goes to McDonald's they have to change the number on their sign!

Yo Momma is so dumb she quit her French cooking class when she found out they weren't covering fries or toast.

Yo Momma thinks you have to put on a coat to serve chili.

Okay, okay. Yo Momma is so dumb she thinks spinach in your teeth is a recipe!

[selected from Chris White's Top Five on Food]


WELCOME to YOUR WEEK: May is National Better Hearing Month (insert obligatory "Eh? What's that?" joke here). It's also National Hamburger Month, National Meditation Month, and National Family Month. It's Be Kind to Animals Week (which is *every* week for my daughter), Drinking Water Week, National Hug Holiday Week, Astronomy Week, and National Teacher Appreciation Week. Wednesday is the Great American Grump Out Day. Thursday is Cinco de Mayo, of course, and Friday is International Tuba Day.


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