Monday, April 05, 2010


My friends and family in the Musingshood....

The good news is I made it through Lent and was true to my vow. I gave up desserts and all manner of sweet snacks - which, as a diabetic, I truthfully should have done years ago - but I didn't have nary a one during the fasting portion of Lent.

The bad news is that this Lenten season I truly overextended myself. I think I've mentioned how busy I've been lately. I've had a meeting, rehearsal, event, concert, or deadline nearly every day since Ash Wednesday in late February. And those few nights I've had free have been spent in preparing for the next thing, and the thing after that, and writing this post. I confess that the secret to getting all of this done has been for me to operate under the "sleep is optional" method, and now I find myself so very tired. I am so burned out that I've joked with friends I should be sleeping in an urn.

Except I wasn't joking.


"I'm so burned out ... I should be sleeping in an urn."


So now I find myself in the position of having to do something I've only done ... well, I've *never* done this. Not once in the past eleven years. I'm taking a sabbatical. A long vacation, if you will. I'm stepping away from as many of my self-inflicted responsibilities as I can possibly let go. My music, my leadership roles in multiple bands, my work at church, Facebook updates/interactions, and even as much e-mail as possible. Please forgive my silence if you write.

I'm also, as you've no doubt guessed, laying down my daily work with this post. Mark's Musings is going on hiatus. But not forever.

My target date to return is in five weeks - May 10 - which, coincidentally, is my birthday. I hope you will once again give me the gift of your Inbox. I'll understand if you take this opportunity to be quit of me.

Should I reach the point where I absolutely must write something or watch my head explode (which would be a neat trick), I'll do it here at the blog, so you may want to bookmark it as a favorite and take a peek, periodically.

In my absence, please feel free to browse through past editions of the post, kindly archived by my list server, Ezine Director. They have every issue since February, 2004, when I began using their administrations.

I would covet your good prayers and kind thoughts that this be a time of renewal, restoration, relaxation, and revitalization for me.

God bless you, every one.




SusanB said...

My Dear friend in The Lord, enjoy your hiatus, enjoy peace and Joy, and my inbox is ALWAYS open to you should you choose to return!! I will keep you in my prayers, that you and your bonnie Bonnie really truly enjoy your wonderful time together, and that you come out the other side, whether it be here or not, refreshed and renewed. =)

Always with much love in Christ,


hucknjim said...


In my work, my church activities, and my volunteer work I always give my all. On the other hand, I jealously guard my free time when I can read, listen to music, take a walk, get together with friends, or whatever I choose.

Far be it from me to sound like a scold. I have my own faults too lengthy to go into, but you can't do everything for everybody. Only God can do that.

My own limited experience has taught me that there needs to be a balance between our commitments and our free time. My prayer for you, to echo SusanB, is that you will "enjoy your hiatus, enjoy peace and joy", and also find that balance that is so beneficial to our physical and spiritual health.

Peace to you my friend, God bless, and I look forward to your return to my inbox.

Take Care,